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In a time of darkness, the Zealot kingdom attacked and scorched the Edenenist kingdom. Kill all the men and capture the women. Some were made slaves and some who fought back were killed. 

Among the captives, was the one named Caya the Beast Whisper. She was caught and held in a dungeon. As for her dragon, it was temporarily locked up in a prison specially made to hold it. Caya looks for a way to free her dragon, she also pretends to be dead to be able to escape from prison. 


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Development log


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The good:

There are some nice graphics and some neat physics.

First game where I am chasing health potions for dear life, when I mistakenly kick the bottle further down into the darkness instead of picking it up. (is this a good thing?)

The bad:

1) Way too long. Everything gets repetitive. 

2) Sounds play way too often

3) combat is broken, I cant tell when I hit, where I hit, when I am hit etc. It seems like I must be almost touching to hit. Animations look weird, I can press the button and hear a sound but the animation is not related. 

4) How to play doesn't mention mouse controls for inventory which are necessary

5) can't skip cutscenes

6) flying dragon part is also repetitive, does it end ? I'm not sure if I "finished" or died? (booted to screen)

7) almost quit when I found I needed the green key that I left half way back.

8) too dark in webplayer... looks ok on desktop, although could be less dark. 

9) Rolling items should have some drag. 

10) spelling / grammar mistakes in cutscenes. 


Probably not worth suffering through at the moment unless you are a masochist but has potential.

First of all I apologize for taking too long to reply. However, due to covid, I have to follow health protocols by self-isolating for approximately 2 weeks. I will only respond to the bad things from your comments.

1. Maybe it's because I'm setting up dungeons too many times, I'm really bad at leveling anyways.

2. Sound has been my weakness for a long time, and made it repeated worse than before.

3. Maybe when you hit the enemy an indicator will be added to make it clearer.

4. Will be added later in the next update

5. Cutscene is boring if there is no button to skip. Will be added in the next update

6. Maybe a progress bar about how much you've achieved should be added here.

7. Sorry, LOL

8. I forgot that the web player has a different rendering system than the PC and produces a dark image. Will be fixed in the next update.

9. It will also be added in the next update

10. I've changed it, and maybe after this I will upload it.


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so cool :D