Background Story

This is a story about a woman named "Anja" who lives in East Germany with her 3 children. Her husband was executed 2 months ago for being accused of being a spy, and when the situation started to heat up, the KGB caught all of his family members. Anja continues to struggle to be able to free her children. Can she succeed? please play this game to find out the end of this story.

How to Play

This is a stealth simulation game that can be played via a browser on a computer. Use keyboard and mouse controls to play it. Regular control setting using WASD, and use the mouse to turn the camera.

Made for Historically Accurate Game Jam 3

Technical Stuff

Create with Unity and code in C#

All 3D assets, UI, and artworks are created by me in blender 3D and photoshop, except for the truck model which can be downloaded from here millitary truck model

You can find the old newspaper from google with the "cold war newspaper" keyword, but I edit some of the articles to fit the story for the game. And also I use some of the post-world war II pictures for the main menu screen. If anyone feels that they know or even still have family relations with one of the people in the photo and have objections to it, please contact me at

Music is created by me using "fruity loop"
The sound effect can be downloaded from youtube studio creator, but I also edited some of the sound effects to create more dramatic sounds for the game. (hint: I boost the low frequency for the machine gun sound to make it heavier)

Contact and Support

Thank you for visiting, stay healthy and keep creative
Don't forget to visit my website and other social media accounts bellow:

Note: If anyone feels that his/her artwork was used in this game but has not been mentioned above or even have objections to it, please contact me at I am happy to be able to discuss it.

Release date Jan 02, 2021
Made withBlender, Adobe Photoshop, Unity
Tags3D, coldwar, Historical, new-2021, Singleplayer, Stealth, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Looks interesting. Don't like the controls though.

This was made for a game jam, so I'm going to update the player control after the voting period is over. Also, add some new enemies and new mechanics so players can pick up weapons and shoot. 

Thank you for playing the game.


Fun game although the controls did feel a bit bad to use. It was kind of hard at first. It definitely looks like you but a lot of effort into the game be interesting to see if you do anything with it in the future!


Player control will be the first to fix for this game, thanks for playing the game.

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Thanks, man, for playing the game and upload it on youtube. I'm sorry for the weird control. I'll update the game after the voting. Appreciate it.

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i love stealth


Love the story of this game

Glad you like it, please visit us again for more updates on the game. Thank you


Love the art, can't wait to see the update.

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Thank you, please follow Guruhebat to get another cool updates.

The game takes place in East German during the cold war. Play as "Anja" in this stealth simulation game. Where you have to find your children in the military compound.